Why Spyderco Knives Have a Loyal Fan Base

In the 1970s, inventor Sal Glessor created an odd-looking jeweler’s tool that resembled a spider. When the inventor designed an equally interesting knife, he formed a fledgling company and called it Spyderco, after his original product. As the business grew, the company continued to focus on function over form and became a premier manufacturer of knives that are known for quality and arresting looks. Millions of buyers now own the knives, many of which are considered iconic. Every model is guaranteed to be well-crafted of quality materials and includes some of the company’s innovative features.

Knives Are Designed for Function

Spyderco knives are easy to identify because their designs are based on efficiency and quality rather than looks. The company founders originally created their unusual-looking products as the result of feedback from early customers. The business has collaborated with famous designers to create over 200 models. Products rarely have the long, sleek look of conventional premium knives. They are better known for rounded handles, holes in curved blades, and a spider logo.

The Company Has Made Iconic Knives

Some of Spyderco’s unique and functional knives have become iconic. For example, the Worker model is the company’s first product and still a top seller. It was one of the first premium folding knives to include a one-handed, ambidextrous opening feature and a pocket clip. Spyderco’s Police model is also foldable but provides the slim silhouette that law enforcement officers require. It also has an exceptionally long blade-to-handle ratio.

Products Include Innovative Features

The knife manufacturer is also known for including new technology that enhances function. For instance, products include a Spyderco Trademark Round Hole. Introduced in 1981, it provides easy one-handed blade access. It is also the feature that makes knives equally convenient for left- and right-handed users. The business is also known for clips that make knives easily accessible in pockets. Other innovations include a unique serrated edge and quick-opening tactical knives.

Knife buyers who want the most functional, high-quality tools often choose Spyderco products. The company is known for introducing knives that combine unusual looks and efficiency. Spyderco is also famous for introducing unique features like a hole in the blade that allow easy one-handed or ambidextrous opening.

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