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The Importance of Sneeze Guard

The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed a lot of devastation all over the world and wreak havoc to our economy. It destroys the operation of most of our businesses by shutting down their doors to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. In addition, our government had also urged every populace to stay at home or isolate themselves to ensure that they cannot infect others. However, for businesses that are considered as essential, will remain open to provide the immediate needs of those in emergency in nature. But despite its eccentric necessities to the consumers, it is not safe and it offers a great danger of local transmission of the virus. That is why all individuals are encouraged to observe a social distancing and wearing of face mask and face shield is recommended.

Most businesses that are given a chance to open or continue their operation will make a way to protect their customers as well as their employees from a direct contact of this dreaded virus. One precautionary measure that is fully implemented is a floor marking that indicates a social distance from another person. In addition, other business establishments are creating plastic barriers or erecting a sneeze guard in between their customers and employees to reduce the transmission. Sneeze guards are made of durable plexiglass or fiberglass that shields and protects people from contamination from other individuals and reduces the exposure of this killer bacteria. Due to its vital benefits in protecting every individual, it is highly recommended that every business establishment such as restaurants, any money banking institutions, pawn shops and loan companies and department stores should require themselves to use this sneeze guard in their business network. But what is really a sneeze guard and how does it protect us from this COVID-19 virus??

A sneeze guard is a thick plastic barrier such as fiberglass, plexiglass or acrylic glass barrier used to protect by blocking the spread of bacteria. This is very common in a theater window ticket booth and food protection cabinets of any food establishments. They are purposely made to prevent contamination through sneezing. Because of today’s pandemic, the government is requiring all business establishments to do their part to prevent the spreading of this killer virus by installing a sneeze guard in their system. This sneeze guard will not only prevent food from contamination that results in stinky odor but also protect people from getting contaminated by this pandemic bacteria.

The main role of this sneeze guard is to provide full protection from any contamination and inspire to boost health and safety in your workplace. In this time of pandemic, the number one priority of all people is their safety and adopting this sneeze guard in your business is one of the precautionary measures that can make your business a safety place to work on. Furthermore, it provides benefits to your business and valuable protection for your employees as well as your customers. This durable sneeze guard is virtually unbreakable, scratch resistant and designed for a long usage, thus it is also useful in terms of security for it protects any employee from any potential threats.

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